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English citations of make the going

  • 1940, “Dad and son, not incorporated”, in The Rotarian, volume 57, number September, page 34:
    It's competition that makes the going.
  • 1975, W. M. Scammell, International monetary policy: Bretton Woods and after, page 204:
    In the run-up to the Rio Agreement of 1969 it was the Group of Ten who made the going.
  • 1997, P. Waite, Lives of Dalhousie University: 1925-1980, The Old College Transformed, page 148:
    In the years from 1945 to 1950 the veterans made the going. Dean Wilson, pacifist on principle, was not always comfortable with them.
  • 2001, Simon Schama, A History of Britain, volume 2, page 293-4:
    And it was the adversaries of the power of the Crown, so apparently entrenched by Danby, who made the going.
  • 2004, Mark Hichens, Prime ministers' wives -- and one husband, page 72:
    In her memoirs she recorded a proposal from him which, rather ungraciously, she said she had had to turn down because of the bad odour of his breath; but it is possible that it was she who made the going and he who backed out.
  • 2005, Martin Booth, A Very Private Gentleman, page 176:
    Night hides many things. Conversation was not forthcoming from the girls. I had to make the going and it was difficult.