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English citations of mathematical semantics

  • 1976, Robert Milne, Christopher Strachey, A Theory of Programming Language Semantics:
    We believe that the method of mathematical semantics has the applications and properties that we have just mentioned;
  • 1977, J. M. Brady, The Theory of Computer Science: A Programming Approach[1]:
    Indeed, in Section 8 we offer a proof of the while rule of inference using the mathematical semantics of Scott and Strachey.
  • 1979, Program Construction: International Summer School:
    The axiomatic approach is the more widely used of the two; nevertheless mathematical semantics offers several advantages.
  • 1992, Manfred Kersken, Francesca Saglietti, Software Fault Tolerance: Achievement and Assessment Strategies:
    Strachey introduced the general method of defining mathematical semantics as a set of recursively defined functions from syntactic domains to semantic ...