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English citations of megalopoleis



1945 1963 1966 1971 1996 1999 2000 2005 2006
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  1. plural of megalopolis
    • 1945: University of Arizona, The Arizona Quarterly, p18
      Beautiful, thriving cities were now seen as soulless megalopoleis.
    • 1963: Duncker and Humblot, Sociologia Internationalis: “The Greeks had a Word for it”, p170
      Megalopolis3 (pl. Megalopoleis) was labelled “obsolete” in major English-language dictionaries of less than half a century ago4.
    • 1966: Center for Migration Studies (U.S.), International Migration Review, p45
    • 1971: United States Congress & Senate, the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, and the Subcommittee on Children and Youth, White House Conference on Youth — examination of Recommendations: Hearing, Ninety-second Congress…, p267
      This is imperative if we are to hope to minimize the misery involved in the continued mass migration to our nation’s megalopoleis.
    • 1971: Daniel U. Levine, Education in Metropolitan Areas, p48
      Other megalopoleis, not yet so large, extend from San Jose through the San Francisco Bay Area to Richmond and Marin County; from San Diego through Los Angeles to Bakersfield; from Milwaukee through Chicago, Gary, South Bend, across southern Michigan to Detroit…
    • 1996: Neville Morley, Metropolis and Hinterland: The City of Rome and the Italian Economy, 200 B.C.–A.D. 200, p4
      The reasons for the rarity of such ‘megalopoleis’ in history are to be found in the nature of the economies of the societies that had to support them.
    • 1999: Victor Davis Hanson, The Other Greeks: The Family Farm and the Agrarian Roots of Western Civilization, p411
      …at a slow but unending pace, concrete, asphalt, rye grass bury the farms of the Santa Clara and San Joaquin Valley, in megalopoleis
    • 2000: Barry Holden, Global Democracy: Key Debates, p155
      They are below state governments even if the megalopoleis and metropoleis of the world rank far above many states in significance.
    • 2005: Gocha R. Tsetskhladze, Ancient West and East, p391
      On the other hand, large megalopoleis, such as imperial Constantinople or Rome which drew on resources from broad sections of the Mediterranean, cannot easily be reduced to an expression of the same fundamental ecological mechanism that the authors see governing the majority of infinitely smaller settlements.
    • 2006: Elizabeth Jeffreys, Proceedings of the 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies, London, 21–26 August 2006: Volume 1 — Plenary Papers, p28
      The political history of the sixth century to a considerable extent turns on the emperors’ quest for a Christological formula acceptable both to Constantinople’s senior churchmen, monks and citizens and to their counterparts in the megalopoleis, towns and rural communities of Syria, Palestine and Egypt.