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English citations of monophysitism

  • 1861, D. W. Simon (tr.), History of the Development of the Doctrine of the Person of Christ, Edinburgh: T & T Clark, translation of original by Isaak August Dorner, page 115:
    They supposed themselves to possess the truth when they had shut out the pretended double personality of Nestorianism, and had established the simple opposite of Monophysitism; not considering what was required in order that the unity which was desired even by themselves might be possible.
  • 1990, Haldon, J. F., Byzantium in the Seventh Century: The Transformation of a Culture, Cambridge University Press, OL 2197580M, page 287:
    While local cultural identity, language, and traditions gave Egypt its own very different and self-aware history, it was hardly surprising that the rejection by the council of Chalcedon of the Alexandrian — monophysite — position increased this feeling of difference, and that monophysitism took on also thenceforth the role of vehicle for local, regional — rather than separatist — expressions of independence.
  • 2013 March 7, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:
    Marc Ouellet claims he supports the First Council of Ephesus, but can he prove he's free of Nestorian heresy? Beware of schismatics like him. They're a threat to our very monophysitism.