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English citations of muffler bearing

  • 1978, Arch Nabb, Car and Driver, Hachette Magazines Inc., volume 23, January–June, page 13
    What ever happened to chrome reversed muffler bearings and double reverse cams?
  • 1981, George Hayduke, Getting Even, Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 0818403144, page 52
    Marshall Tanner, inventor of muffler bearings, says you can prop some large-headed nails against the tires of your mark's car []
  • 1991 May 29, David A. Braun, “Re: Blowing the seals on R100GS exhaust.”,, Usenet
    Next thing you'll be posting is having to pay the dealer big $$$ to rotate your muffler bearings.
  • 1995 July 12, Greg Kras, “Re: Anyone know how to replace muffler bearing”,, Usenet
    Muffler bearings are a sure sign that either your[sic]:
    1. Low on blinker fluid []
  • 2002, Dan Ramsey, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Car Care and Repair, Alpha Books, ISBN 0028644328, page 5
    [] What the heck is a muffler bearing?
    Fortunately, this first chapter graphically covers all of these topics—and more—except for muffler bearing because there’s no such thing.