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English citations of nephros

  • 1935, Frank Hinman, The Principles and Practice of Urology, page 42
    ... have no relation phylogenetically to the nephros of Chordata.
  • 1992, Anthony R. Scialli, Eric D. Clegg (eds), “II. Prepubertal Testis”, in Reversibility in Testicular Toxicity Assessment[1], ISBN 0849359805, page 3:
    During this period of relative quiescence interally, the testis is involved in a major migration in scrotal animals. The paired organs move from the nephros through the abdomen and the inguinal canal into the scrotum.
  • 2001, Gabriel G. Haddad, Tian Xu (eds), Genetic Models in Cardiorespiratory Biology[2], ISBN 0824705122, page 269:
    Swirl Mutants have a highly dorsalized phenotype with expanded notochord and somites, whereas lacking ventral structures such as blood and nephros
  • 2002, W. Rupik, Early Development of the Adrenal Glands in the Grass Snake Natrix natrix L. (Lepidosauria, Serpentes)[3], ISBN 3540431659, page 2:
    One must stress that among vertebrates it is only in Chondrichthyes that one adrenal element was described in detail as an interrendal organ, which means that it is located between the nephros and that these fish do not belong to the main evolutionary line leading towards tetrapods.