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English citations of overskies

  • 1922, Gwynn, Stephan, quoting Mary Kingsley, “A Lover of Justice”, in Garden Wisdom, or, From One Generation to Another, New York: Macmillan:
    [] it don't matter whether X. has been consigned to paradise stamped R.C. as he undoubtedly now is or no, for I do not believe that the Merchandise Marks Act runs overskies, and X.'s soul get confiscated for 'false labelling and declaration.'
  • 1962, Orkow, Ben, When Time Stood Still[1], Signet, page 152:
    "Every fourth year is parlous," I replied to his question with quiet dignity, "because what could be more dangerous to our beloved land — and its colonies overskies — than to choose the wrong man for President?"
  • 1966 February, Lang, Allen Kim, “Mulligan, Come Home!”, in Galaxy Magazine[2], volume 24, number 3, page 149:
    Did Mulligan Mondrian, who after all had studied xenology at the prestigious School of Overskies Studies, have any explanation of the Brunswick Creature's distress?