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English citations of protologism

  • 2005 February 15, Steve Gooch, Ceci n'est pas une[sic] cybercarnet., at[1]:
    Finally, a protologism for one of my favorite activities.
  • 2005, Geoffrey D. Falk, Stripping the Gurus, appendix IV, Million Monkeys Press:
    spoofs that I incorporated in this essay: ... coined a neologism/protologism
  • 2006 February 7, Scott Fletcher, “Podfaders in Wired Magazine”, Podcheck Review[2]:
    If you're...a member of the Wikipedia police, the word “podfade” is merely neologistic protologism, not suitable for inclusion in Wikipedia.
  • 2006 March 15, Ian Morrison, “Tom Weir”, soc.culture.scottish, Usenet:
    I think it is very cheeky to suggest that *our* word is a protologism when the word "protologism" itself was only invented a month ago.
  • 2006 September 12, Dwight “The Troubled Teen”, “Vocab Vacuum”, Ruminations of a Misspent Youth, at [3]
    So what's the word for.... I need a good Sniglet or protologism.
  • 2006 December 16, Kevin Doran, "Poem in elimae", Kevin Doran[4]:
    it's a visual pun, portmanteau (of sorts), and protologism.
  • 2007 April, William Skidelsky, “Will's words”, Prospect:
    This word is so new-fangled that it hasn't yet been accepted as part of the language—which makes it not a "neologism" but a "protologism."
  • 2009, Heinz R. Gisel, “And Then There Was Light”, in In Foodture We Trust[5], ISBN 9781607912651, page 123:
    The biophotonics hypothesis finds support from a completely different and unexpected angle: the protologism “epi-genetics” - or the “Biology of Belief” was coined by Dr. Bruce Lipton, who has also been a pioneer in applying the principles of quantum phusics to the field of cellular biology.
  • 2009, Marina I. Solnyshkina (author), Olga Karpova and Faina Kartashkova (editors), “Lexicographical Basis for Russian Naval Sublanguage Dictionary: Theoretical Considerations”, Essays on Lexicon, Lexicography, Terminography in Russian, American and Other Cultures, chapter 18, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, ISBN 1443806455, page 186:
    there is no law determining the transition of a unit of speech (protologism) into a unit of language (stable neologism).
  • 2009 December 12, Satendra Singh; Shikha Gautam, “Animation-Based Lectures in Renal Physiology: Transcendence into Metacognition”, in Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions[6], volume 6, ISSN 1975-5937:
    The linguistic invention-animation-based lectures (ABL) as a protologism was first used by us in 2009.
  • 2010 August, Alexander Humez et al., Short Cuts, A Guide to Oaths, Ring Tones, Ransom Notes, Famous Last Words, and Other Forms of Minimalist Communication, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0195389131, preface, unpaged:
    Short Cuts examines a wide range of minimalist discursive genres as varied as the bank robber note, the oath of allegiance, the sniglet, and the Facebook profile, focusing on some, mentioning others only in passing (e.g., the pickup line and the protologism), and leaving others unmentioned.
  • 2011, Hubertus Busche, Departure for Modern Europe, A Handbook of Early Modern Philosophy (1400-1700), Meiner Verlag, ISBN 3787323961, page 1221:
    So, in many contexts, he will just go back to the use of words predating his own neologization and pitilessly abandon a ‘protologism’ with which he’s not comfortable.
  • 2011, Mikhail Epstein, PreDictionary, Experiments in Verbal Creativity,, ISBN 1257831895, page 26:
    Once a protologism has found its way into media, it becomes a neologism. Every newly coined word, even if deliberately promoted for general or commercial use, has initially been a protologism; none can skip that infancy phase.
  • 2013 July 12, “3rd annual ‘Write On, Oceanside’ — July 20”, “Community Notes” [7], La Prensa San Diego:
    Attendees will be encouraged to try their hand at protologism (creating new words) and become the Shake-spears [sic] of Oceanside!
  • 2014 October 7, Janet Kemp, The Star-Spangled Banner, 170 Success Secrets, Emereo Publishing, unpaged:
    Among the workforce and scholars, the abbreviation for the school's designation, CSKYWLA (pronounced seeskeeWAHlah), has been minted as a protologism to that this meaning has specified – to be sanctioned by grant, nonviolence, and communal change.
  • 2015, Peter O. Müller, Word-Formation, An International Handbook of the Languages of Europe, Walter de Gruyter, ISBN 3110423618, unpaged:
    Ėpštejn's projective dictionary should be a collection of protologisms, a protologism being a new word, coined to designate a new phenomenon or to fill in blank spaces and semantic voids in the lexical-conceptual system, as he proclaimed in 2003.