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English citations of rapprochement

1892 1913 1926
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  • 1892 - James Sulley, "Is Man the Only Reasoner?" Popular Science, February 1892
    Not forever, however, was the animal world to suffer this indignity at the hands of man. Thinkers themselves prepared the wat for a rapprochement between the two.
  • 1913 - "GERMANS NOT CORDIAL.; Scout French Talk of Rapprochement Almost with Gruffness.", The New York Times, October 12, 1913.
    The comment in the leading German newspapers would indicate that there is little enthusiasm in Germany for a rapprochment with France.
  • 1926 - "FRENCH POLICY: Rapprochement with Germany", The Sydney Morning Herald, December 2, 1926
    Continuing, M. Briand said that lasting European peace was impossible without a Franco-German rapprochement.