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English citations of rationalization hamster and rationalisation hamster

  • 2010 March 7, MCP [username], “Lady Raine & Denise Romano Are Rank Hypocrites When It Comes To "Equality"”, in, Usenet[1]:
    Like I said, if you're a guy and are reading this, please go back to my original post and hand it out to the Women you know, grab up some popcorn and enjoy the show; you'll bowl yourself over with laughter watching these poor ladies' Rationalization Hamsters dang near pass out from running so hard!
  • 2011 September 20, mike.thompsonator, “Re: French Rugby!!”, in, Usenet[2]:
    And the Wallabies were due for a "cluster fuck".  Sure, we hoped it wasn't true anymore. Why?  I dunno.  Maybe a new Captain, serious pants business of RWC, better selections, Quade getting more experienced, etc.  The Great Rationalisation Hamster of the brain, can find reasons for anything if it wants to (just look at Rick's various crackpot theories regarding truths he doesn't like)
  • 2011, Athol Kay, The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011, →ISBN, page 13:
    She's rationalizing why she doesn't want to have sex and her Rationalization Hamster pops out a perfectly good excuse []
  • 2012 November 8, Karolina Dean...Big money STILL weaves a mighty web..., “Conservative CHRI$TIAN ICON B-Skillet blames "the Slut Vote" for ROmney's loss...”, in, Usenet[3]:
    America has profound moral problems in part because the rationalization hamster makes it impossible for 54% of the American electorate to ever admit a moral shortcoming.