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English citations of s

  • 2009 January 3, Martin <>, "Bug#510587: wget: Typo in interactive output s/eta/ETA/g", message-ID <>, linux.debian.bugs.dist, Usenet gateway of the debian-bugs-dist list:
    It labels this as 'eta', however, as a ancronym it should be ETA.
  • 2009 June 5, Robert Huff <>, "Re: Date representation as YY/DDD or YYYY/DDD", message-ID <1244190183.00122464.1244176802@>, lucky.freebsd.questions, Usenet gateway of the freebsd-questions list:
    Polytropon writes:
    Many programs contain an EXAMPLES section in the man page.
  • 2009 July 3, Bruno Desthuilliers <bruno.42.desthuilliers@websiteburo.invalid>, "Re: Clarity vs. code reuse/generality", message-ID <4a4e216e$0$7801$>, comp.lang.python, Usenet:
    Here's the rub: the code above is more general (hence more reusable) by virtue of this trick with the sense parameter, but it is also a bit harder to understand.
    Perhaps better naming (s/sense/direction/g ?) and a small comment could help ?
  • 2009 July 22, Eric J. Holtman <>, "Re: Online updates . . stuck again...", message-ID <Xns9C5079BD670E4ejhericholtmamcom@>,, Usenet:
    Quicken has really gone into the shitter since they moved development offshore.
    (of course s/Quicken/AnySofware/g) and it's still a true statement).