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English citations of secret

Verb sense[edit]

    • 1994, Karma Lochrie, Covert operations: the medieval uses of secrecy, University of Pennsylvania Press, p. 173
      In the famous "misdirected kiss" scene at the end of the tale, Alisoun's "pryvetee" emerges from masculine phantasmatic efforts to secret it away for individual use, precipitating masculine hysteria and physical injury on a grand scale.
    • 2004, Rusty Fischer, Supergroom!: 101 Ways to Be the Most Romantic Groom Ever!, iUniverse Star, p. 92
      Secret it away in your luggage and, as she's in the powder room sprucing up after a long day of, well, getting married — lay it on her pillow under a mint [...]
    • 2004, Verne Patten, Somewhere Every Day, iUniverse, p. 204
      He often took groceries home at night, and whenever his stock of beer and wine was low in his hidey-holes, he would just buy it along with the groceries [...] He would stop on the way home and secret it away and bring only the requested items home.