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English citations of seven-level screwdriver


  • 1966, Joseph McElroy, A Smuggler's Bible, p. 137:
    It is a "seven-level" screwdriver, so-called by electronic technicians, who use this plastic-handled tool with the two-and-a-half-inch blade for so many purposes – chipping, hammering, a low-voltage shortening bar, prying – that they rely on it constantly.
  • 1966, ibid, p. 228:
    [H]e takes from the breast pocket of his khaki shirt the little seven-level screwdriver he took from Michael Amerchrome: Plastic handle insulates, so seven-level may be used as low-voltage shorting bar, though the metal pen- (pocket-) clip on the handle's side makes you wonder; large enough for a firm grip; light enough to be used as a mallet on delicate components; small diameter of shank permits its use as a probe in confined places or as a chisel to scrape away corrosion between narrow-printed circuit channels; when magnetized, the small shank can retrieve metal parts that fall into restricted spots ....
  • 1989, Tony Tanner, Scenes of Nature, Signs of Men, p. 207:
    For now I will temporarily purloin that seven-level screwdriver (as David, a character in the book, steals it from someone else) to pry open McElroy's seven-leveled book (as David uses it to open the actual smuggler's bible in the book which contains his manuscripts).
  • 2005, January 8, GT Tick, "Re: OT: Things I've learned...",, Usenet,[1]
    Mine was made by Camillus but it was still affectionately called a KA-BAR. It's still around here someplace, packed away with a compass, some old belt buckles, a seven level screwdriver and a few wore out old P-38s.
  • 2006, February 10, badgolferman, "Your Most Useful Tool?",, Usenet,[2]
    I am an electronic technician and a computer repairer. My most useful tool is my sense of logic followed closely by a 7-level screwdriver (also known as a tweaker).
  • 2009, September 20, techguy, "05 yamahar1 problems", Yamaha Forums > Motorcycles > Sport / Super Sport,[3]
    use a small piece of sandpaper, an awl and a seven level screwdriver to clean all the contacts and it should work good as new... then get some clear silicone and seal the back of the connector so no water can get in.
  • 2010, May 11, Dweezil Dwarftosser, "Douglas XB-19", rec.aviation.military, Usenet,[4]
    EVERYONE used a 7-level screwdriver to jab at those buttons - which is why all of them had plenty of gouges on the face of the hard rubber.
  • 2011, June 28, toad462, "Unconventional Tools List.", Air Force Enlisted Forums > General Forums > Open Discussion Forums > Off-Topic Discussions,[5]
    I do know my favorites were the "7 level" screwdriver, any BFW, a mallet (we weren't allowed to have hammers) and a leatherman. That's all I really needed.