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English citations of stealthinesses

  • 1922, Lily Adams Beck, The Key of Dreams: A Romance of the Orient, page 282
    My dreams were hideous. I wandered in waste places lit by weird moons, with a ghostly wind crying in unseen battlements. Stealthinesses crept in ...
  • 1937, Margaret Haley, The Gardener Mind, page 42
    ... dawns Hurt the heart with stealthinesses, Summer risings all ...
  • 1868, William Michael Rossetti, Algernon Charles Swinburne, Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain), Notes on the Royal Academy Exhibition, 1868: Part I. by Wm. Michael Rossetti, page 17
    The tragic air of crime in Lady Macbeth, her superfluous stealthinesses of action, are grandly given ; though it cannot be said that her face differs much ...