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English citations of str, str., and Str.

  • 1892, A Handbook for Travellers in Norway, John Murray (publisher), edition 8, page 6:
    At Christiansand the str. is moored to a pier for a time more or less variable, contingent on the quantity of cargo to be discharged or loaded.
  • 1899, Webster Wells, The Essentials of Geometry, D.C. Heath & Co., page 14:
    A str. line is the shortest distance between two points. [] If a ⊥ be erected at the middle point of a str. line, any point in the ⊥ is equally distant from the extremities of the line.
  • 1907, Samuel Rolles Driver et al., The International Critical Commentary on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments: Ezra and Nehemiah, The International Critical Commentary on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, volume 12, issue 2, C. Scribner's Sons, page 126:
    This Ps. is introduced by an editor with a Str. taken with slight variation []
  • 1913, George Oliver Curme, A Grammar of the German Language, Designed for a Thorough and Practical Study of the Language as Spoken and Written To-day, Macmillan, page 99
    Proper nouns as well as common nouns were once inflected str. and wk., but almost all traces of the wk. declension in names of persons have disappeared from the literary language except the rather colloquial dat. and acc. ending [] and the corrupted gen. [] , which is in fact a str. gen. added to a wk. gen.
  • 1976, Carl-Gustaf Styrenius and Søren Dietz, Asine II, Results of the Excavations East of the Acropolis, Svenska Institutet I Athen, volume 6, issue 1, page 37:
    However, the foundation seemed to be embedded in a Str 3-4 like level, which can be traced towards north as well as south.
  • 1993, Tom F. Melham, Higher Order Logic and Hardware Verification, Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science, Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, volume 31, chapter 7, page 132:
    In particular, it follows from these theorems that the functions Ascii and String are one-to-one and that every value of type str can be obtained using these functions and the constant Empty.
  • 1995, Paul Holliday, Fungus Diseases of Tropical Crops, Courier Dover Publications, →ISBN, page 223:
    Since, presumably, the 4 strs are competing for the same ecological niche in the tree this str. has a competitive advantage at lower altitudes.
  • 2004, Michael Kennedy and Joyce Bourne, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music, Oxford University Press US, →ISBN, edition 4, page 6:
    When the pf. tuner is tuning a str. of a certain note to another str. of the same note the beat may be heard to diminish in frequency until it gradually disappears with correct adjustment.
  • 2006, Poornachandra Sarang, Pro Apache XML, Apress Series, Apress, →ISBN, illustrated, page 62:
    We now compare the value of this str variable with the stock symbol that was received as the second command-line argument.
  • 2009, Hans Petter Langtangen, A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python, Texts in Computational Science and Engineering, Springer, →ISBN, volume 6, page 20:
    For example, when we write
    print 'A text with an integer %d and a float %f' % (2, 2.0)
    a str (string) object, without a name, is first made of the text between the quotes and then this str object is printed.