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English citations of to be named later

something of very uncertain value, a pig in a poke[edit]

  • 1989 February, SPIN, volume 4, number 11, page 77:
    Sharpton is adept at conjuring up untestable assertions like secret cults and anonymous witnesses to be named later.
  • 1990, “Quarterly Review”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), volume 14-17, page 278:
    The effective implication of this transfer practice is that an individual policyholder is not investing in a specific insurance company but rather in some company-to-be-named-later
  • 1992 August, “Observer's Notebook: Going Bananas”, in Cincinnati Magazine, volume 25, number 11, page 11:
    Forbes magazine reporter Seth Lubove is undoubtedly raising hackles as he continues to probe the Lindner family and their friends and foes (including an ex-wife to be named later)
  • 1998 February 17, “Market Place; No Sales, but Watch the Stock Soar”, in New York Times:
    Initial Acquisition Corporation, which had gone public in 1995 as a blind pool, Wall Street's shorthand for "give us the money now, and we'll buy a company to be named later."
  • 2008, Lori Foster, Deirdre Martin, Double the Pleasure:
    And now probably thought she was sex-crazed and desperate. You are sex-crazed and desperate, her brutally honest libido informed her. Fine. At least desperate enough to contemplate a one-night stand with a fireman to be named later.
  • 2013 April 11, Alan Blinder, “A Good Grade for a Responsible Budget”, in Wall Street Journal:
    The numbers. A good budget is based on credible numbers, not on rosy scenarios, mysterious budget cuts to be named later, vague promises of more revenue from closing unnamed tax loopholes and the like.


  • 1992 July 10, “Starbeams”, in The Kansas City Star:
    Boris Yeltsin wants to swap factories, minerals and other property to pay off Russia's foreign debt. Could we have Mikhail Gorbachev and a ballet company to be named later?
  • 2005, Jeffrey McGraw, Made to Be Broken:
    “Maybe she didn't like the mother-in-law she was going to inherit and might want to trade her for an in-law to be named later and a few draft choices?”

Something/someone of little value[edit]

  • 2007, Friendship: An Expose, page 241:
    Some have been a continuing delight to me, some have seemed burdensome, some I regret ever having started up with and, given the opportunity, would prefer to trade away for players to be named later.
  • 2010, Greg Farrell, Crash of the Titans: Greed, Hubris, the Fall of Merrill Lynch, and the Near-Collapse of Bank of America, page 410:
    a month later, he had been humiliated again when Thain announced his management team and specifically noted that McCann wouldn't report directly to him, but to a player to be named later, who would serve as a buffer.