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Latin citations of tollendum

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"Laudandum adulescentem, ornandum, tollendum"; ("The young man should be praised, honoured, and promoted.") Cicero Ad Fam. 11.20.1, Of Octavian. The difficulty is that 'tollere' has 3 meanings: 1. to raise, lift up, to elevate (as here 'promoted') 2. to remove, to take away, and, 3. to destroy, to abolish. It is possible that Cicero intended a 'double entendre' when using 'tollendum'; for those who wished to hear it, it meant that Octavian was to be got rid of. From "Cicero and the End of the Republic" W K Lacey, 1978 p.166

See also: "Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician" A Everitt, 2002