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English citations of wall humping

moving one's leg back and forth over a scanning device[edit]

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  • 2000 January 5, American Dialect Society, “Most Outrageous Word of the Year”, in 2000 Words of the Year[1],
    Most Outrageous: wall humping (30), rubbing a thigh against a security card scanner to allow access without the inconvenience of removing the card from one’s pocket.
  • 2001 January 23, VS Maniam, “Letter from America: Tightrope Walk for Bush”, in The Statesman:
    A few other notable words or phrases chosen in other categories were: most outrageous - "wall humping", which means rubbing a thigh against a security card scanner to obtain access without the inconvenience of removing the card from one's pocket
  • 2001 January 27, Howard Richler, “Quick trot from dot snot to dot bomb”, in The Gazette (Montreal), page J2:
    This is demonstrated by the victory of the phrase "wall humping" in the most-outrageous category. This process was defined in the Jargon Watch section of the June edition of Wired magazine as "the act of rubbing one's thigh against a proximity-card reader to unlock a secure door without removing the card from one's pocket." Procedures like this can give cybersex a bad name.
  • 2003 October 2, Malevolent Owls!, “Thursday October 2, 2003”, in[2]:
    I suppose the donning of a tie necessitates an even more baroque buttressing of the hothouse flower of masculinity than is called for in other occupational categories. The worst manifestation of this is the constant wall-humping.
  • 2004 April 27, JanneJalkanen, “New words”, in[3]:
    I saw once an interesting case: A very short girl did wall humping against a door at Fraunhofer institute. She was so short that she had to actually jump 30 cm up in the air, and bang her crotch against the scanner.
  • 2005 January 17, “Sideswipe”, in The New Zealand Herald, page News; General:
    wall humping: rubbing a thigh against a security card scanner to allow access without the inconvenience of removing the card from one's pocket.
  • 2008, Jeff Warren, The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness, Random House, page 43:
    The lights went on and Phil's disconnected voice came over the intercom: the EEG was just fine, please go to sleep, he had things to do. The lights went out. I looked at my watch: 11:58 p.m. Okay. Phil was a professional. He might look young but he had seen more nightmares, seizures, and frenzied late-night wall-humping than most researchers twice his age. It was time to let science get on with the job. I pulled the crisp hospital-style sheets up to my neck and closed my eyes again.
  • 2008 October 31, UnDunn, “So I've started wall-humping at work.”, in[4]:
    So I've started wall-humping at work.
  • 2009, K1W1, “Tech stories”, in; see also Internet Archive links: 2009 June 3 and 2009 June 30[5]:
    Here that sort of thing is called wall-humping and it is so not cool.
  • 2010, NetLingo, “chip”, in; see also Internet Archive links: 2010 January 3 and 2010 January 17[6]:
    In addition to computers and appliances, microchips are used in RFID, primarily for animal tracking and medical patients. However they are also used for so-called security purposes, for example, some employees are asked to have a microchip implanted in their arm so they can identify themselves by holding their arms in front of a scanner (as opposed to wall humping).

gyrating the hips towards a wall in a sexual fashion[edit]

1994 2003
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  • 1994 October 31, Roger Brown, “Singer Needs Substance, Not Image”, in The Plain Dealer, page 5B:
    But will he be content with merely grabbing his crotch instead? That's the key question after Kelly's headlining appearance Friday night at the Budweiser Superfest, held in the Cleveland State University Convocation Center. Kelly's performance was not rip-off bad - it was actually very good at times. But his over-reliance on wall-humping gimmicks left the clear impression that Kelly had sold his audience - and himself - short.
  • 2003 April 25, “Alienation Art”, in The Miami Herald:
    62 minutes and 40 seconds of doll-pummeling, wall-humping, scatological metaphor.
  • 2009 October 22, Emily McCombs, “What's the Most Embarrassing Movie You Ever Watched With a Parent?”, in[7]:
    Andrea: "Jerry Maguire." That 10-second wall-humping scene -- WHY DIDN'T ANYONE WARN ME?
  • 2009 November 3, Alicia Roda, “'Fone Finds: Pattinson on Secret Dates, November Flicks & More”, in Moviefone[8]:
    You know that wall-humping scene in 'Jerry Maguire'? See how it made for one seriously awkward situation.
  • 2010, Jordan Pease, Don't Let Me Go: Based on a True Story, Trafford Publishing, page 72:
    12:49 am: Wall-humping has now begun.
  • 2011 February 2, Tashi Singh, “Rihanna S&M (VIDEO): Disturbing and Flagged‎”, in The Post Chronicle[9]:
    In Rihanna's new music video for her song S&M, images flash on the screen of the singer being taped to a wall, fondling the plastic while a bunch of reporters look on with disgust. Clips of article headlines flash to the beat with quotes like "Daddy Issues?" as if to insinuate that Rihanna's wall-humping behavior is a normal form of self-expression and not a result of emotional instability. The fact that teen girls all over the world will watch this video is frightening, to say the least.

sexually suggestive character movement in a video game[edit]

1998 2001
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  • 1998 March 17, Craig Fletcher, “Get a job.”, in, Usenet[10]:
    We LPBs are truly bored with wall humping High Ping Whiners. I would like nothing more than to have someone who can kill me.
  • 1998 April 21, Chris Dale, “How do you use the mouse?!”, in, Usenet[11]:
    Doom has three running speeds (not counting wall humping): running, strafe-running, and strafe-drawing. Strafe-drawing is a little faster than strafe-running, but harder to control for distance.
  • 2001 April 6, Tarf, “CL: April quest critique (was Re: CL: April's Fool question)”, in, Usenet[12]:
    Indiana Jones was so-so. The walk through bush reminded me of tree humping (grrr). Didn't figure out the snake pit(due to lack of wall humping I hear), though it was obvious that was the point to work on.
  • 2001 November 19, Michael, “CL: Jack-ass area design”, in, Usenet[13]:
    Didnt the PF have to hump the path for a hours too? I really wanna know what kind of crack the PF GM is on. What kind of fucking moron would find wall humping for hours fun (besides mystics)? Maybe its time to go hump all the trees in SF again to see if the mirror will open because something was added after the last chaos storm with no warning or clues.
  • 2002 January 24, Kojiro, “CL: Shift of dynamics [was: thoughts on party size etc.]”, in, Usenet[14]:
    Instead, you made it wall humping and pure luck. That is jackassitude.
  • 2003 August 21, Ian Ollmann, “CL: Movable Portals”, in, Usenet[15]:
    I don't think this is a statement that players are stupid. Not at all. They know what's good. This is a statement that engaging in quests, exploration and wall humping is an activity with a similar motivation to rattling the bars of your jail cell: You ain't got nuthin better to do.
  • 2004 November 2, dargonnetlr, “Star Ocean: Till the End of Time”, in[16]:
    A big annoyance is wall humping. Simply put, every dungeon has a area of completion, where you have to explore the area to get 100%. However, this means ugging every wall to get more areas out and it is annoying when youm have 98.93% and need to hump a wall in a the size of the Taj Mahal (video game wise...). Frustrations galore i guess. Still, there's nothing more satisfying than humping walls and being a master porn star or something...
  • 2008 January 10, Stevie Smith, “Assassin’s Creed error provides perverted guard humping”, in Monsters and Critics[17]:
    If this particular gameplay clip is not an error, then a bored Ubisoft coder has duly added a laugh-out-loud, and somewhat rude, A.I. routine that allows city guards to engage in covert sessions of midday wall humping.
  • 2008 January 11, World Cyber Games, “Assassin's Creed DS Box Art”, in[18]:
    A Go Nintendo reader snagged this shot of the official Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles box art. On it are the typical descriptive blurbs and a few screen shots. What it doesn't let us know is if there will be any wall-humping this time around.
  • 2008 June 20, Tanx, “Assassin's Creed”, in[19]:
    we’ll finish with a reminder from my evil cousin Cotangentx, who suggests you check out the wall-humping soldier video at YouTube
  • 2010 September 21, Video Game King, “An itemized list of reasons not to like Europe.”, in Giant Bomb; see also Internet Archive link: 2010 September 24[20]:
    What could be worse than a wall-humping alien?