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English citations of zamioculcas

  • 1962, The Garden Journal - Volume 12, page 197:
    The leaflets are jointed to the leaf stalk and form small tubers at their bases after they fall— a means of propagation in addition to seed— just to be sure that there will be more zamioculcas.
  • 2015 January 31, “Festive plants, traditional and with a twist”, in The Straits Times:
    As usual, traditional favourites such as kumquats, chrysanthemums, kalanchoes and phalaenopsis are expected to fly off the shelves. Hardier plants such as the four seasons lime, zamioculcas and tangerine shrubs have arrived since last week, as early- bird shoppers start trickling in for a look-see.
  • 2015, Nathan Williams, The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living, Artisan Books, →ISBN, page 277:
    north-facing rooms: These rooms receive the least light if you live up north, so choose plants that can endure low-light conditions and keep them directly on the windowsill. Some suggestions include pothos, philodendrons, arrowheads, Chinese evergreens, peace lilies and zamioculcas (or “ZZ”).
  • 2017 November 19, James Wong, “Indestructible houseplants”, in The Guardian[1]:
    Likewise, the ZZ plant (zamioculcas) is tolerant of a wide range of conditions, from searing sunlight to heavy shade. As a student I forgot to water one for months in the height of summer and the only reaction was that its growth rate slowed.