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From the Ancient Greek κοῖλος (koîlos, hollow) + διάζησις (diázēsis, way of living), so named because its larvae (in a habit unique among the Anophelinae) develop in the water within hollow trees.

Proper noun[edit]

Coelodiazesis f

  1. A taxonomic genus within the family Culicidae – one species of mosquito, Coelodiazesis barberi.
    • 1906, Harrison Gray Dyar, Jr. and Frederick Knab, “The Larvæ of Culicidæ Classified as Independent Organisms” in the Journal of the New York Entomological Society XIV, № 4 (December 1906), page 177
      Genus COELODIAZESIS, new.
      Differs from Anopheles in the slight developement of the head hairs, the presence of plumose hairs after the third abdominal segment, and the absence of short teeth on the comb of the eighth segment. Type, C. barberi Coq.
      Coelodiazesis barberi Coquillett.
      Anopheles barberi Coquillett, Can. ent., xxxv, 310, 1903.
      Anopheles barberi Dyar, Journ. N. Y. ent. soc., xii., 243, 1904.
      The larvæ live in the water in hollow trees. This habit is unique among the Anophelinæ, which are in general surface feeders in open water. As a compensation for the restricted surface offered in their habitat, the larvæ have acquired a predaceous habit and devour the unfortunate larvæ of Aëdes triseriatus and Mansonia signifer with which they live.