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Proper noun[edit]


  1. a village in Severn township, Ontario, Canada.
  2. a small city in and the county seat of Comanche County, Kansas, USA.
  3. a city in and the county seat of Branch County, Michigan, USA.
  4. a town in Tate County, Mississippi, USA.
  5. an unincorporated community in Wayne County, Missouri, USA; original spelling Cold Water.
  6. a village in Mercer County, Ohio, USA.
  7. a small town in Dallam County, Texas, USA.
  8. a ghost town in Sherman County, Texas, which was once the county seat.
  9. a ghost town in Wood County, Texas.
  10. an unincorporated community in Doddridge County, West Virginia, USA.
  11. the Coldwater River in British Columbia, Canada.
  12. the name of various rivers in the United States and Ontario; see Coldwater River.