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Concordance of "Engines of Our Ingenuity" episodes.

The transcripts are at [1]

I downloaded Episodes 1-2285, stripped html comments and tags and built this concordance to test the coverage of the wiktionary.

Dr. John Lienhard, an engineer and Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and History at the University of Houston, has been producing these approximately 5 minutes chats on how our culture is formed by our creativity since 1988.

Dr. Lienhard is articulate and technically savvy which makes this a good test of our coverage. Be aware he has a great interest in very old books and we may encounter a large number of names. However, I think the excessively technical terms will be reasonably minimal since the show is intended for a general audience.

If there are any questions about words that show up in the concordance let me know and I can search the master list I created by combining all the episodes into one file. For instance, the word Yn turned out to be from Xn+Yn=Zn when discussing Fermat's theorem.