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The following words from Thomas Hardy's poems have no English entry in Wiktionary as of 11 July 2014:

a-blowing accordion-pleated achime a-coast adda a-doing a-dreaming a-drowse aethered a-falling aforedays after-grinds afterhours after-sunset agis agnette a-groaning ah-she ail-stricken aimed-at aimful ain ainsi aion a-lingering allemanding allemands all-empery all-enacting allenby all-immanent all-including all-one all-prevailing all-saints all-souls all-uncared all-unknowingly all-we almack alp-height altar-affirmation altar-crumb altar-rail altar-vow altar-whim amabel america amico amphion animam aninia anne anno announcment a-perch apple-blooth appletree-tops arch-designer archmould arcturus arden aren areopagus arkansas arm-chair aroun a-row art-beginnings art-feat artistries aruit ashen a-shine assembly-hour a-thinking a-thumping a-toppercn award-winning awave a-wing babe-like baby-boy baby-child babylon backbrand back-street balaam baldachined ballad-rhymer ballad-singer ballad-tragedy ball-dresses banjo-player bank-walk barbree bare-browed bargain-cheap bark-bound barn-cocks barn-door barnes barrow-beacon barthelemon barton-shed bass-viol battle-breathing battle-field battle-god battlings bay-red beauty-spot bedside-lamp beën beeny befel beglimpsed belgian belgium believed-in bell-chime bell-rope bembo bent-bearded benvill bereavement-pain bernadotte bertrand beryl-bespread beryl-bright be-webbed bine-stems bingham birch-leaves bird-as birdsinging birth-chamber birth-hour birth-moon birth-night birth-tide biscay bithynia bivering black-craped blackman blackmore black-tressed blame-exempt blas blast-beruffled blestly blight-time blood-bespread blood-hole blücher bodiments body-borne boek bois bombay bonaparte bonchurch bond-servants book-binder bos boscastle bosom-beating bosom-burning boston boterel bournemouth bowring branchways brass-helmed brav breakfast-fire breakfast-smoke breast-bare breath-forsaken breathing-time breath-nigh breath-while bredy breeze-blown briar-meshed brick-brown bride-elect bride-streams bridge-way bright-hatted bright-souled bright-time brimble brine-mist british briton broad-browed brook-side browne brown-shawled brown-tressed brushcraft brussels brute-like bubb-down budmouth bugle-horn bulbarrow bulleys bullstake bulwer burghees button-hole bye-roads bylong byss by-talk cab-hack caddle cain calabria calle call-time canal-boats candle-flame candle-lit candle-snoff cannon-play canopus cap-framed cappadocian capple capricorn care-crossed care-tossed carolina carrara carrey cart-tail castedst cecilian centuries-old cerdic cerne cernel cesse cessé cestius cet chalk-pit chalk-scratched chancefulness chancel-altar chapel-crowned chapel-organist chariot-seat charleroi charles charley charnel-site char-wench charytie check-floored chestnut-drive chiefs-at-arms child-fair chimley-tun chimney-corner chimney-nook chimney-pot chimney-roar chimney-seat china-ware chines choosing-yea christ-cross christ-day christendie christes church-aisle church-builder church-chiming church-glass church-hay church-restorers church-text church-warden church-way churchyard-place ci cider-makings cinder-gray circleted city-opprest claire clavel claw-worn clay-made clay-pits cleän clear-sunned clear-voiced cleather cliff-heads cliff-side cliff-top clock-beats clock-corner clock-like clock-winder close-barred close-cowled closed-up closelier closing-in cloud-cast cloud-colours club-dance club-fire club-room club-story clyffe-hill cobweb-time codlin-tree coffin-thrall cogitavi cognosceret cohue coign-stone coiled-up cold-eyed colding cold-lipped cold-shouldering come-at comet-comings command-line commendment common-place compassions comte connecticut conscience-capped considerabam consort-queens constantine contra-basso coomb-firtrees copper-red copse-clothed copsetrees corn-blade corn-chaff cornmarket-place corp corpel corpse-cold corpse-like corpse-thing corton-hill cottage-place cotton-hooded cotytto couch-time couldn counterchord countree country-dances court-clad courtenay craft-wit creeper-nails cremorne cremyll crimmercrock crimson-bright criptoportico crisp-curled crisply-cropping criss-crossed criss-crossing crocus-border croire crookt crooping cropt cross-and-hand cross-currents cross-road crown-prince crumb-outcaster cup-eyed curfew-ringing curfew-tide curtain-chink curtain-face cusping-marks custom-growths custom-kept custom-straitened cwold daddee daisy-and-buttercup dampered dancing-room darked date-day date-graven david day-close day-dawn day-dawning day-fall day-span day-star daytide day-tides dead-drowses dead-reckoning dead-white deane death-day death-inducing death-lament death-mains death-penalties death-rumor death-rumour death-sealed death-white deduxisti deedily deep-delved delle delord delta-land deridetur desiderabile dewbeating dew-damps dew-dashed dewfall-hawk dew-fleece dexteram diagram-lines dim-discerned dingied dinner-table disagreen disagreën dole-hill domini doria dorset dossal double-bass down-drip downlooking down-pattered downstairward drab-aired draught-board dream-built dream-endangering dreamery dream-follower dream-time dresser-ledge drinking-glass drongs drop-drenched drum-beat drum-polka dst du dug-outs duhesme dull-hued dundagel dunkery durban durnover dusk-hour dust-hoar dust-paven dyle ear-drops early-dated earth-clogged earth-god earthland earth-men earth-secrets earth-track easel-lumber eaton eaves-drip eaves-drops ebcdic edgcumbe edmund edu edward edwards ee-i eff-holes e-flat egdon egdon-side ein elegisti elm-rows elster elster-strom elysian embowment emprize endor enearth enghosted ennemi enray epeisodia ephraim epic-famed erat erlies erlon ernight esdraelon ethiop ethleen etruria etty eu europe eut eut eve-damps eventime everlong ewelease eweleaze ewe-leaze exe execution-ground expedie exprest eyes-full eyewounds eyot-withies ezech faintheart fair-eyed faithful-bent fall-time falsi fames fancy-fanned fancy-fiddled fancy-lad fancy-man fancy-men fancy-place faneless fantocine far-back far-distant far-down far-famed farings farm-woman fast-locked fauss faut fear-filled fecisti fellow-climber fellow-creatures fellow-deacon fellow-like fellow-made fellow-thralls fellow-wights fellow-yearsmen fender-brink fenweeds fever-stricken fiesole fighting-floor figures-slow fili finely-touched finger-touch fire-flecked firmament-riding firm-fixed firm-lipped first-fiddler first-unwilling five-score flag-rope flammae flash-lantern fleen fleën fleuve flint-and-steel flint-box flint-tipt flit-fluttered floating-lily flower-fair flower-fresh flush-time flute-notes fly-blown foam-fingered foenum fog-damps fog-dimmed fog-festooned fog-fleece folding-doors foliage-crowned folk-jingle folk-rhyme folk-tune foot-bridge foot-faint foot-folk foot-guard foot-sore foot-swift foot-track fore-borne foredeeming fore-desired fore-discerned foreflown forefolk fore-folk forlorn-hope fornicacions fors fortuna fortune-finding forward-footing forward-straining fout frail-wick frail-witted frenzy-led freshed fresh-fluted friant friday friends-now front-street froom froomside froom-side frost-wind frustrance ftp fuchsia-bells fuit full-boughed full-charged full-featured full-finished full-fugued full-heart full-pulsed full-robed full-starred full-up full-used full-voiced full-winged fund-raising furnace-flare furtive-wise fury-fires gable-cock gable-end gable-slit gaels gaingivings gain-givings gallery-scene gallows-tree game-birds gapcn gapen garden-hatch garde-robes gas-glimmers gas-jets gate-bars gateway-pier gayed gaying gay-pictured genova germed ghost-day gibbet-tree gil gilboa giv glance-giving glass-stainer glory-gleam glory-show glow-forsaken glyd goddessed goer-by good-and-all good-bying good-nighting gossamere gossamered goumont gown-skirt grace-beguiled grass-flat grass-path graveacre grave-brim gravel-path gravemounds grave-place grave-way great-field green-gowned green-grained green-rheumed greensleeves greyhead grief-groan grime-films grinterns grizzel grose growings guised gurgoyle-head hackered hag-ridden hal half-an-hour half-awakened half-blinded half-company half-conscious half-conviction half-eased half-frightened half-hearts half-height half-hid half-passed half-perished half-sunny half-transparent half-unrobed half-uttered half-wove half-wrapt halo-bedecked halterpath halter-path halting-place halworthy ham-firs hamleteers ham-wood hand-hid handpost handposts hands-across happiness-insuring harbour-bridge harbour-wall hard-run harpsicord harrison haunteth haut-boys have-beens head-god head-room head-shakes headstoned heart-breaks heart-broken heart-burnings heart-enslavement heart-halt heart-harm heart-heaves heart-heavings hearthfire heart-hit hearth-stone hearthward heart-hydromels heart-king heartmate heart-queens heart-shook heart-sick heart-strings hedgebirds hegel heine heir-looms heriter herod heron-plantation hiding-hole high-bred high-expectant high-hung high-lighted high-purposed high-road high-stoy high-street hill-fortress hill-graves hill-hid hill-top hintock hitheraround hodge ho-ho home-bound homecome home-coming home-den home-gone home-life home-planned home-things hominis honey-like hoo-hoo hope-hour hope-hues horn-lantern horton housebacks housefellows house-front house-fronts house-gear household-clock householdry huddied hueing hugo hundred-and-thirteenth huns hunting-days hurd hurtlings husband-and-wife husband-poor husbird hush-offerings hymn-tune icen ikling ill-content ill-endowed ill-fame ill-inclined ill-motherings illuded ill-wished ill-witchery immuned inbe inborne incola incolatus increeping ingpen innocent-looking inquiring-wise interblent interlune intra ithin ivel ivoried ivy-spun ivy-wife jack-o jael jair jeschu jewells jined jog-trot joy-jaunts juans judgment-day judgment-hall judgment-hour judgment-sign judgment-time juliot jullien junctive june-light junetide kalendar keinton kennel-shed key-creaks kingsbere kopje-crest kranion laitered lakeland lamp-glass lamp-lit lamp-worm landwehr lanivet lantern-light lantern-slide late-lamented lattice-gleam leafery leaf-strewn leaf-woven lectioned ledlow legros leopardine lette leucadian leur lewsdon lewth liegely liegeness life-deed life-fraught life-light life-loyalties life-tides life-weary light-heartedly lightheels light-limbed lightning-blade lightning-streak light-penned light-time light-tongued light-tripping ligny like-intending lim lime-dry limitings linten lippings lipwords liquor-bar liquor-cups liquor-fired littles lizbie load-bridge lobau loddy lodi lodi-bred loft-ladder log-ends lone-labouring long-accustomed long-ago longinus long-loved long-missed long-purposed long-roll long-sunned long-sweeping long-tried long-vogued lothly lourings love-anguished love-birds love-calls love-campaign love-leaf love-light love-lights love-line love-looks love-lore love-nest love-rhyme love-song love-stratagem love-thralls love-worn loving-kindness low-laid low-voiced lumpered lushwood lust-led lustres lyonnesse lyonnesse-way lyred madeira maembury magic-minted magnanimities maidon mai-don maidy mail-train maine mais maitland malchus Malley Mandeville man-like manor-hall manor-lady man-projected mansion-front mansion-place many-caverned many-eyed many-flamed many-shaped many-wived many-yeared marble-streeted marechal marie market-dames market-days market-girl market-men market-people marlbury marmont marriage-rites marshwood Martha Marty mask-clad Massachusetts master-mason master-tradesmen master-vein matron-manners Matterhorn Matthew Mauretania maybe-law mayds Mayfair mayings mayntenance maytime mea meam meän me-as mediterranean meek-eyed meeting-days meeting-place meeting-time meeting-times me-fellow-wight meggs melancho-ly melia mellstock melodied memoriam memory-acted memory-laden memory-possessed mendip meos mer-cy mercy-seat Meredith metalab meum meus me-ward mexico mget micah michael michaelmas michel michigan mid-aged mid-december middle-age middle-field middlesex middle-watch mid-victorian mieux mighty-vanned mihi milan miles-lane miles-wide mill-tail-shallow milton mind-chains mindings mindsight mind-sight minute-beats mirage-mists mire-bestarred mirth-time miscompose mis-compose misery-feel mismet mis-prision mist-bow mist-imbued mis-vision mole-hill mollyish month-night moon-blanched moon-gleam moon-lit moonshades moor-cock moor-hen moorway Mordecai Moreford moreo morgenblatter morning-a morning-tide Moses mother-her moth-signal mountain-road mozart mr much-beloved mud-bespat mulready multimammia multimarbled mumm music-chart music-men music-mother naibor naiborhood naibour naibourhood nain name-though nater Nazareth Nebraska Nebuchadnezzar needle-thicks neighbor-natives neighbour-natives nell neo-catholics neo-georgian nerve-strained nesting-tree new-arisen new-brought-forth new-builded new-laid new-made new-penned new-rigged new-spun new-vamped new-won new-year nigh-regarding nighs night-fog night-gun night-long nightmare-men night-moths night-processions night-queen night-screened night-sighs night-tides night-wind nipt noe noon-heat norbert north-east north-west norward note-bent note-catching noville nox numidia nurst nut-coloured nymph-niche oak-copse oculorum officier oftenwhiles ogive-work omen-scouting omnes ompteda onbearer on-bearers once-loved oncreeping ondrew one-pulsed one-third one-voiced onfleeing oon orchet order-keeping order-word Oregon Origen Orion Orlando ostrich-feathered otterham ottignies out-arted outborne out-brings out-count outfigure outflee outflickers outleant outrollings outshape outshapes outshaping outshrilled outskeleton out-skirt outsmoothed outwrought overgat overgot over-head over-hope over-sad packe paddock-path page-full pane-fly panglossians panthera paper-boats pardon-or paris parish-clerk park-pale park-pool parpend parret parrett parthia parting-line parting-time partner-girls party-wall passing-bell passing-by path-paving pavement-stone paving-stones peace-offering peace-year peair peäir pehty pentargan percussus periwinks personative perverse-misrepresenting pervez pewter-ware pewter-wares phaeton-lantern phantastry phantom-footed phantom-guise phantom-like phantom-thought pharaoh-necho pharisee pharos-fire pharos-shine phelips phena phyllis physic-wine picter picton picture-land pier-glass piled-up pilsdon pine-tree pine-trees piombo pished pit-pat place-enthusiasms platz pleadful pleasure-caught pleasure-gleam pleiss plinth-slopes plum-tree pocket-hole poesy-paven poison-drip poldon poniatowski pontius poppy-head porch-quoin porphyry-basined portico-shade portsmouth posuisti poussettes prairienet prattie pray-time presentation-trains pret-ty priddy priming-horn prison-cell profundis prolongatus prospect-impressed puff-sleeved pull-heart pulpit-glimmer pulse-stirrings pummerie pummery pummery-tout purrity pydel pythagoras quarter-circle quatre-bras quatre-foiled quick-cued quicked quick-step quoniam rabbit-burrow rail-track railway-train rainbow-rays rain-drop rain-fall rain-reek rain-scene rain-shafts raison rake-hell rama ranksmen rapturings ratheness ray-lit re-acceptance re-adorning re-awaken red-cloaked re-decked red-lipped red-veined re-expression re-greeting rehan re-illume re-illumed relifted rended re-ponder requirat reuben rhaps rhine-stream rhineward rhode richard rich-noted ricochetts ridge-way Ridgway rimmon ripple-gleam ripple-tips river-gleam river-ooze river-weed robert robin-song rollicum-rorum romana rome rood-screen roof-lamp roof-tree roof-wrecked Rosalind rosalinds rose-ann rose-bush rose-flush rose-necked rose-red rose-tree rosy-red rote-restricted rou row-dow row-dow-dow royal-reckoned roysterer ruby-red ruers rule-of-three rush-candle rushy-pond rutless ry sa Sabbath sable-sad sackcloth-clad sad-coloured sadlier safe-bestowed salt-aired salt-edged salt-smelling sambre samewise Samuel sanct-shape sand-swept sanguine-souled saturnals scareless Schreckhorn schwerin scisti scoop-eyed scriptured sea-area sea-birds sea-bord sea-captain sea-downs sealed-up sea-line sea-mutterings sea-salts sea-swell sea-worm Sebastian secretum sedge-moor Sedgmoor seedlip self-centred self-colloquy self-communed self-deceived self-entailed selfish-wise self-joys self-regard self-reproaches self-smitings self-struck self-unconscious self-unheed self-unseeing self-widowered self-wrapt semblancy sense-sealed sentrying sentrys sepher sepulchre-lid sepulchrum sepulture-clad sepultured sereward sermon-time setting-day shade-flecked shieldingly ship-lights sholl shore-line shouldn showance shrewd-eyed shy-seeming sicilian sick-leave sicut sideboard-glass signal-thrill sign-seeker silked silk-lined silk-piece silkwork silver-lined simply-cut sinai singing-mistress singlemindedness sing-songing sinward sire-sown Sirius sirmio sirmione sister-love sit-out skeleton-thin skimmer-cake Skimmington-ride skrymer sky-glancing sky-gray sky-lights sky-way slatestone slavs sleep-worker sleep-wrapt sloe-black slovening slow-born slyre smiles-with smohain smoke-hazed smoke-shaft smooth-browed smooth-floored snocks snow-bound snow-cones snow-flaked socket-sunk Socrates soft-thinking soir solicted solway song-notes songsingings song-time soon-reached sorrowers sorrow-wrung sought-for soul-flame soul-shell soul-sick soul-smart soul-stifling soul-subliming soul-swoon soul-touching south-wester spak spectre-beridden spectre-gray spectre-speed spectre-spots spirit-kisses spirit-lame splashed-sweating sport-making sprig-muslin spring-time sprinkle-bath stage-hostel stage-joyance standers-by standfast star-blink star-chamber star-lit star-ray station-yard staunton steel-roped steeple-cock stephen stick-ends stinsford stonehenge storm-birds storm-shafts storm-tight stour-bordered stourside stourton stower straight-stretched straining-strips strange-eyed stratford-on-avon strauss strawberry-tree stream-lilies stream-shine street-fiddler strike-him-dumb strom stuart stuporing sturminster styles-lane su suaged sub-captain sub-prior substanced suggestio sulis summer-seeming summer-tide sun-blaze sun-cast sun-glazed sunken-hearted sunset-shine sun-shade sun-shapes sun-sweep sun-swept suo superba supper-fire supper-table suscepisti swanage swan-necked sweaten sydling sylph-like tabitha table-land tablet-wise tale-telling tall-spired tankens tap-maid tar-cloths tardle targan target-circles tate-and-brady tavern-holder tear-fraught tenant-for-life tenebris ten-hatches Tennessee Tennyson tense-drawn terabinth thatch-roofed theas theatre-scenes theeward thencewise thereacross thereaft thereawhile therein-as therence thereright there-right thick-varnished thiers thik thirtover thistleball thorough-bass thorough-sped thought-as thought-bound thought-worn thucydides thummim thunder-clouds thursday tic-toc tide-times tilt-bonnet time-lines time-torn time-touched time-trenched time-tried time-wraiths tincts tintinhull tis tishbite toil-tried toil-weary toldoth tollo tol-lol-lay tol-lol-lorum tol-tol-lorum tomb-door toneborough tons-weight too-forced tool-marks tophet top-lined torino totties toute tower-window townsfolks town-shine town-sort tracery-stalks traffic-roars trampwoman trance-lipped trancings transom-topped transport-tossed travel-tarnished travel-tired tree-bough tree-god treeland tree-trunks tresparret trevillian triple-ramparted triple-timed tristfulness tristram tropic-burned troth-plight troubadour-youth trouble-torn trouble-tried trovatore trumpet-major trysting-place tullidge tune-led tuorom twaine twenty-hundred twer twere twilight-time twin-hearted two-score twould two-years Tyrian UK unadieu unaverred unbe unblenchingly unblooms uncharily unconscienced undecrease undeeming under-purpose undervoicings unforeknowingly unfulfil unfulfilments unheed unheeds unilluded unmine unrecked unshame unsight untasked untroublously unvision unvisioned unwareness unwoke unwombs upbrimming up-browed upcloses upclosing up-dated updrave upedging up-eyed upfetched upfingered upglasses uplipped upmouthed up-right upspake upspoke upspread upstaring upstole upstrained upstrapped upswum uptracking upway urim vagg vale-folk vallency vallie vampirine vand vassal-service vassal-wight vawardly ve veille Venice venit verdures Vermont verrey Vespasian vespering vestigia vestry-door vestry-glass vestry-nook veteris veterrn victim-shriek videbam vigiling Vineland vine-wrapt violed violet-sprinkled viols viol-strings virgin-saint visionings vivian vlanker-light vlankers waddon waggonette waiting-room walkingame wan-cheeked wan-lit wanning war-adept war-boats war-men war-mightiness warmwell war-seamed war-worn watch-chain watch-fires watch-towers water-courses watering-place watering-pot Waterloo water-pipes water-spout waterstone watery-browed Watzdorf wavre waying waywood weft-winged weippert weren whate white-clothed white-flowered white-gloved white-hatted whitesheet windcrack windwhistle Wingreen winnowing-fan Winton withoutdoors witteth wonning woolcomb working-jacket worktimes worm-wounds wownded wownds wrothfully wych Wygmore wylls-neck wynyard years-deep years-heired yew-arched yew-boughed yew-plumes yew-tree young-eyed youthtime youth-time Zell Zermatt zilver zummer