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This is a concordance of words that occur in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving as entered at wikisource [1]. This concordance was built by a program I am in the process of developing for the purpose.

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has a very interesting choice of wording, though it is a little dated. I am interested in seeing how many of the links will be red.
  • If anyone is interested, the program that built this is written in VB.NET and I can send source if there is interest.
  • The program will report a word with capitals if all occurrences begin with a capital and will lower case it if any occurences are not capitalized.
  • Currently a word is one or more letters or single quotes surrounded by characters tht aren't (or the ends of the string). I'll proably add the hyphen at some point
  • This program almost certainly still has bugs, I only started on it tonight. (It's also slower than I was expecting).