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Alternative forms[edit]


A variant of Conleth, from Irish Connlaodh, from Old Irish Conláed, and of (O')Connolly, from Irish Ó Conghalaigh or Ó Conghaile, patronyms of Conghalach and Conghaile, respectively.


  • IPA(key): /kɒnlɪ/
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Proper noun[edit]

Conley (plural Conleys)

  1. A surname, from Irish​.
    • 1683, John Nalson, An Impartial Collection of the Great Affairs of State, From the Beginning of the Scotch Rebellion in the Year MDCXXXIX To the Murther of King Charles I., volume II, London, page 71:
      John Conley attested, That in the Lords Faulkland, Grandison and Chichester's times[1], the King's Rents werde collected by Horse-men, who laid upon them till they were paid.
    • 1984 July 1, Leah D. Frank, “Stage: The Trial of Leo Frank”, in New York Times[1]:
      After she was brutally murdered, Jim Conley, the black janitor at the factory, testified that Frank had killed the girl, then forced Conley to dispose of the body.
  2. (rare) A male given name from Irish.

Usage notes[edit]

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  1. ^ Presumably the three lords are: Henry Cary, 1st Viscount Falkland (c. 1575–1633), Oliver St John, 1st Viscount Grandison (1559–1630), and Arthur Chichester, 1st Baron Chichester (1563–1625).