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Cyclostomata, such as these lampreys, are so named for their round mouths.


From French cyclostome, from Ancient Greek κύκλος (kúklos, circle) + στόμα (stóma, mouth).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A taxonomic class within the subphylum Vertebrata – the living jawless fishes: lampreys and hagfishes; the cyclostomes.
    • 1834, Peter Mark Roget, Animal and Vegetable Physiology, volume 2, William Pickering, page 116:
      Among fishes, we meet with the family of Cyclostomata, so called from their having a circular mouth, formed for suction.
    • 2009, Shigehiro Kuraku et al., "Jawless Fishes (Cyclostomata)", The Timetree of Life, Oxford University Press, page 317:
      Cyclostomata comprises two families of living jawless fishes: hagfishs (Myxinidae, 44 species) and lampreys (Petrymyzonidae, 41 species).
  2. A taxonomic order within the phylum Bryozoa – the Cyclostomatida.[1]




Coordinate terms[edit]


class of Vertebrata
order of Bryozoa
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