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From Japanese 大連 (Dairen).

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Synonym of Dalian
    • 1922, South Manchuria Railway Company, Manchuria Land of Opportunities[1], Thomas F. Logan, Inc., page 6:
      That treaty gave into the possession of the victorious Japanese, subject to agreement with China, the Kwantung Territory and the southern portion of the Manchurian Railway, from Changchun to Dairen and Port Arthur, and all the property pertaining thereto, including extensive, partially developed mines.
    • 1965, Harry S. Truman, MP2002-390 Former President Truman Recalls Stalin's Broken Agreement About the Port of Dairen[2], Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, National Archives Identifier: 595162:
      Negotiating with Stalin was like dealing with an octopus. At Yalta it had been agreed that Dairen in China would be an open port that the Chinese could use. And now they were trying- it'd be under the control of the Chinese, that the Russians could use is what I intended to say. And, it was now an approach, by Stalin, that would have given him complete possession of that part of Manchuria. And that, I wasn't in favor of doing.[...]Dairen would be administered by the Chinese, as a Chinese port, but it would be a free port that everybody could use including the Russians.
    • 1967, Nai-Ruenn Chen, Chinese Economic Statistics: A Handbook for Mainland China[3], Chicago: Aldine Publishing Company, LCCN 66-15200, OCLC 165720, OL 5985447M, page 131:
      The reported population in 1953 was 126,000 for Port Arthur and 766,400 for Dairen.
    • 1976, National Intelligence Daily Cable[4], page 4:
      Post quake priorities also affected water, road, and air cargoes. Hsin-kang, one of China's largest ports, was put out of operation, forcing diversion of ships to Dairen, Tsingtao, and Shanghai, creating some congestion. By late August, however, ships were moving in and out of Hsin-kang port.
    • 1983 August 21, “Seoul Decision To Allow Sun's Asylum Cheered”, in Free China Weekly[5], volume XXIV, number 33, Taipei, page 4:
      Sun, 46, a test pilot stationed in Dairen on the mainland, flew his MiG-21 jet fighter to an air base near Seoul on Aug. 7.
    • 2012, A. A. Evans, David Gibbons, The Illustrated Timeline of World War II[6], Rosen Publishing, page 247:
      Aug 22, 1945 Russian airborne landings at Port Arthur and Dairen

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  1. Rōmaji transcription of だいれん