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December +‎ -ly


Decemberly (comparative more Decemberly, superlative most Decemberly)

  1. (rare) Characteristic of the month of December.
    • 2004, Günter Grass, Helmut Frielinghaus, The Günter Grass reader, p. 55:
      Because the air was so Decemberly, cousin and cousin decided to go out to Oliva Forest and, if it wasn't too much for Tulla, to walk as far as the Schwedenschanze.
    • 1904, William Waldorf AStor, "A Dragon in the Garden of Eden", The Pall Mall magazine, p. 442:
      Lady Dimchurch brought only her own keen appetite, and I remember that the ayre being Decemberly and the summer goosemist laying on the sidelands, she hadde a little snoutband drawn about her face to huddle her from the cold.
    • 1792, Laurence Sterne, The Life And Opinions Of Tristam Shandy, Gentleman, page 268:
      Now, from one little indulgence gained after another, in the many bleak and Decemberly nights of a seven years' widowhood, things had insensibly come to this pass...