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From Middle High German dille, from Old High German dilla, from Proto-Germanic *þiljǭ. More at thill.

The sense “hallway” is from Middle Low German dēle and its German Low German descendants. The form, Diele, likewise seems influenced by Low German (although it could stem from an attested Middle High German variant dile). Cognate with Dutch deel (f).



Diele f (genitive Diele, plural Dielen)

  1. (usually in the plural) plank (most often on a floor)
  2. hallway, hall, foyer (room)

Usage notes[edit]

  • A Diele is a hallway in a private residence, as is Korridor. The synonym Flur can also mean the stairwell of an apartment house.
  • If an apartment has a foyer and then a separate hallway branching off from it, the Diele will usually be only the foyer and the hallway will be called Flur, Gang, Korridor.


Derived terms[edit]

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