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From Old English Dunholm (compare Middle French Duresm, Latin Dunelmum).


Proper noun[edit]


  1. County Durham, a county in the Northeast of England.
  2. A city in this county in the Northeast of England.
  3. A census-designated place in California.
  4. A town in Connecticut.
  5. A city in Kansas.
  6. A town in Maine.
  7. A town in New Hampshire.
  8. A town in New York.
  9. A large city in and the county seat of Durham County, North Carolina. Named after Bartlett S. Durham.
  10. A community in Nova Scotia.
  11. A community in Ontario.
  12. A city in Oregon.
  13. A surname​.

Derived terms[edit]


Durham (plural Durhams)

  1. One of a breed of short-horned cattle, originating in the county of Durham, England, and noted for their beef-producing quality.