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Etymology 1[edit]


EDM (countable and uncountable, plural EDMs)

  1. Initialism of early day motion.
  2. (electrics) Initialism of electrical discharge machining.
  3. (computing) Initialism of electronic document management.
  4. (computing) Initialism of entity data model.
  5. (engineering) Initialism of engineering data management.
  6. (music) Initialism of electronic dance music.
    • 2012 June 26, Genevieve Koski, “Music: Reviews: Justin Bieber: Believe”, in The Onion AV Club[1]:
      But musical ancestry aside, the influence to which Bieber is most beholden is the current trends in pop music, which means Believe is loaded up with EDM accouterments, seeking a comfortable middle ground where Bieber’s impressively refined pop-R&B croon can rub up on techno blasts and garish dubstep drops (and occasionally grind on some AutoTune, not necessarily because it needs it, but because a certain amount of robo-voice is expected these days).

Etymology 2[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Abbreviation of Edmonton.