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Alternative forms[edit]


Elphame and Elf-hame were speculative emendation or reconstruction by Robert Pitcairn (1833); the "Elphame" spelling was later used by author Robert Graves in his works.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Fairyland.
    • Thomas the Rhymer, from "English and Scottish Ballads", altered from the traditional version by Robert Graves:
      I am but the Queen of fair Elphame
      Come out to hunt in my follie.


  • Robert Pitcairn (1833) Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland, Vol. 1, Part 2[1], page 56, note 10: “Elfame (text); "Fylit.' Fairyland, (q. d. Elf-hame)" (footnote)”
    • Vol. 1, Part 3, p.162, note 2:
      "Elfame" (text) "..Queen of Faery, (q. d. elf-hame?)" (footnote)
    • Vol. 3, Part 2, p. 658 (index):