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A calque of phrases from various languages, including the French maladie anglaise, Polish angielska choroba, German englische Krankheit, and the Russian англи́йская боле́знь (anglíjskaja boléznʹ).

Proper noun[edit]

the English disease

  1. Football (soccer) hooliganism
  2. Depression (especially suicidal)
  3. Hypochondria
  4. Sweating sickness
  5. Gout
  6. Rickets
  7. Syphilis
  8. Bronchitis
  9. Tuberculosis
  10. Laziness, low motivation
  11. Poor industrial relations, and the resulting economic weakness
  12. Masochism, especially a fondness for flagellation
  13. Gambling
  14. Haemophilia
  15. Homosexuality

Usage notes[edit]

The meaning of the phrase the English disease, as with other similar terms such as the French disease and the Italian disease, depends heavily on the context and prejudices of the speaker. This is especially the case in the pejorative sense "syphilis", in which the nationality is essentially interchangeable depending on which country the speaker wishes to disparage.