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Blend of federation +‎ universe. Earlest known mention of the Fediverse was in 2013 by Mikael Nordfeldth in a W3C mailing list for the Federated Social Web Community Group. [1]

Proper noun[edit]

the Fediverse

  1. (Internet) The distributed social network of federated services using open standard communication protocols, especially ActivityPub and historically OStatus.

Usage notes[edit]

The terms The Fediverse, The Federation and The Free Network have historically been used interchangeably. However, in recent usage, the Fediverse refers more specifically to the existing network of ActivityPub services.

Convention on capitalisation is unknown; both the Fediverse and the fediverse are commonly used.


  1. ^ fediverse, mentioned in an email titled Re: Federated Social Web 2013 in Europe?.