Ford Nation

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From the family name of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (b. 1969).

Proper noun[edit]

Ford Nation

  1. (Canada, politics, collectively) The supporters of controversial former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
    • 2010 Dec. 17, Christopher Hume, "Hume: Ford ushers in Mayor McGuinty," Toronto Star (Canada) (retrieved 8 Aug 2014):
      But to offend the poster child of the newly ascendant right-wing would offend Ford Nation, its multitudes signed up and ready to go, go, go and vote, vote, vote.
    • 2011 Oct. 3, Nicholas Köhler, "Rob Ford can’t fight city hall," Macleans Magazine (Canada) (retrieved 8 Aug 2014):
      Emboldened, he went on to threaten Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty with Ford Nation, saying his followers could topple him if he didn’t cough up more money for the city.
    • 2012 June 1, Don Peat, "Ford vows to march on ," Toronto Sun (Canada) (retrieved 8 Aug 2014):
      In a move clearly designed to stoke the fires of Ford Nation and enrage left-leaning councillors, Ford came out swinging at left-leaning special interest groups.
    • 2013 July 5, Alexandra Bosanac, "Toronto mayor mingles with Ford Nation as thousands turn out for free burgers and beer at annual barbecue," National Post (Canada) (retrieved 8 Aug 2014):
      Volunteers said they had distributed 1,500 t-shirts emblazoned with “Ford Nation” within the first 45 minutes.
    • 2014 May 16, Paul Koring, "Rob Ford a topic of discussion at U.S. think tank," Globe and Mail (Canada) (retrieved 8 Aug 2014):
      “There are those who like Ford’s coarse and unrefined style,” she said. Part of “Ford Nation is loyal to Ford because they know he offends and upsets the elites.”

Usage notes[edit]

  • Also used as the name of a 2013 Toronto television talk show featuring Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, city councillor Doug Ford, which was removed from broadcast after one episode.