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Foucaldian (comparative more Foucaldian, superlative most Foucaldian)

  1. Alternative spelling of Foucauldian
    • 1997: Chris Horrocks, Introducing Foucault, page 5 (Totem Books, Icon Books; ISBN 1840460865)
      A Transdiscursive Man
      Foucault gave us the term transdiscursive, which describes how, for example, Foucault is not simply an author of a book, but the author of a theory, tradition or discipline.
      We can at least say that he was the instigator of a method of historical inquiry which has had major effects on the study of subjectivity, power, knowledge, discourse, history, sexuality, madness, the penal system and much else. Hence the term, “'Foucaldian'”.