Fremantle Doctor

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Named after the city (now within Perth suburbs) of Fremantle, which is the direction the wind comes from to reach central districts of Perth; called the "doctor" for the relief it brings on hot summer days.

Proper noun[edit]

Fremantle Doctor

  1. (Australia) The sea breeze that blows from the Indian Ocean over Perth, Western Australia.
    • 1986, Tim Winton, That Eye, the Sky, Scribner Paperback 2002, page 38,
      Afterwards, you go up with your oldies to the beer garden and you get a lemon squash and sit in the shade and wait for the Fremantle Doctor.
    • 2005, Australian Geographic: The Journal of the Australian Geographic Society, Issues 77-80, page 18,
      Just offshore from Rous Head, the Fremantle Doctor had its effect on the America′s Cup defence in 1987, where the course was positioned.
    • 2009, Nic Compton, Iain Oughtred: A Life in Boats[1], page 23:
      The Western Australian sailors were gloating because they didn't think we would be up to the Fremantle Doctor (a strong wind which usually blows up at 3pm).

Usage notes[edit]

Certain other Western Australian towns — for instance Albany, Geraldton, Esperance, Eucla and Perth — have similar "doctors."

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