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Sigmund Freud, by Max Halberstadt, 1921.


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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A surname of German origin.
  2. Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist, psychotherapist, and founder of psychoanalysis.
    • 1974, Thomas S. Szasz, M.D., chapter 9, The Myth of Mental Illness[1], ISBN 0-06-091151-4, page 153:
      To assert that morality is self-evident and that one had
      never done a mean thing are strangely revealing statements to
      come from the lips of a person whose object of study was man,
      himself included. It reflects, I believe, Freud's unshakable
      determination to be a moralist in the guise of a scientist.10 In
      this endeavor, he succeeded only too well: as a crypto-
      moralist, Freud became the founder of a sort of secular reli-
      gion which has had immense influence on popular contempo-
      rary thought and life. [...]


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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A surname​.