Frick and Frack

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From the name of a Swiss-American ice skating comedy duo.


Frick and Frack pl (plural only)

  1. (chiefly US, slang) Names given to a pair of companions, usually male, who are very similar in appearance.
    • 1988, Denny McLain, Mike Nahrstedt, Strikeout: the story of Denny McLain, page 185:
      Sparks suddenly had seen the light and Frick and Frack had their eyewitness identification.
    • 2002, James E. Wollrab, Malfeasance, page 154:
      Or at least your pals Frick and Frack over at the IRS should have it.
    • 2011, Callie Mcfarlane, A Clear Destiny, page 17:
      I know it's been difficult, particularly with Frick and Frack here leaving for college.

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