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From Hebrew גאון ‎(grandeur, majesty, genius).


Gaon ‎(plural Geonim or Gaons)

  1. Honorary title for a Jewish scholar who is noted for his wisdom and knowledge of the Talmud.
  2. In modern usage, a genius.


  • 1991, Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Literacy [1]
    The Gaon also was distressed by the veneration the Hasidim accorded their rabbinic leaders, men whom the Gaon generally regarded as ignoramuses.
  • 1996, Roger Friedland, Richard Hecht, To Rule Jerusalem [2]
    Like the hasidim, he too refused the title of rabbi, adopting the ancient title of Gaon.
  • 1997, Moshe Gil, A History of Palestine [3]
    The Gaon also mentions a letter he has received from Ḥasan as-ʻĀqūlī (al-ʻĀqūla, the ancient Aramaic name for Kūfa) undoubtedly one of the emigrants from Iraq to Egypt whom the Gaon knew.

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