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Proper noun[edit]


  1. An English surname, originally a nickname for a cheerful or lively person.
  2. A female given name from the word gay, "joyful"; rare today.
  3. A male given name. Also a shortened form of Gabriel, Gaylord and similar names, or transferred from the surname.
    • 1992 Gay Talese, Unto the Sons, Ballantine Books 1993, →ISBN, page 15
      - - - my father's father, Gaetano Talese ( whose name I inherited after my birth in 1932, in the anglicized from of "Gay"), was an atypically fearless traveler,
    • 2004 Annie Proulx, Bad Dirt, Fourth Estate, →ISBN, page 32
      "Mr Gay Brawls. What a name."
      "It didn't use to mean what it means now. Plenty were named Gay. Even in Nevada. Was old Gay Pitch had a gas station in Winnemucca. Nobody thought nothin about it and he raised a railroad car of kids.