God knows

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God knows

  1. (now usually humorous) It is only known to God; i.e., it is unknown to people, no one knows, I don't know
  2. (now usually humorous, often modifying a parenthetic concession) It is known unto God; i.e., it is certainly true, certainly, of course, obviously
    • 1700 August 8, Matthew Henry, "A Sermon Preached at the Opening of the New Meeting-House at Chester" in Misc. Works (1830), 1134
      ...those therefore that appeal to him upon every trivial occasion, and with a slightly superficial God knows, while they never think of God, nor have any regard to his knowledge, profane his name by taking it in vain...
    • 1984, Joseph Heller, God Knows, 8
      I have my faults, God knows, and I may even be among the first to admit them, but to this very day I know in my bones that I'm a much better person than He is.
    • 1992, Larry David, Seinfeld, 4.11: "The Contest"
      No, no, no. Don't do it. Don't do it! For my sake! God knows I don't ask you for much! Now, come on. Please, Jerry. Please! I'm beggin' ya! Please! Come on! Please!

Usage notes[edit]

In the sense "nobody knows", an interrogative pronoun often follows: God knows where, God knows why etc.

Alternative forms[edit]