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Gerstengrütze = barley groats


From Middle High German grütze, from Old High German gruzzi (coarse grains), of the same root as Proto-Germanic *greutą = English grit, German Grieß. The term is applied to “ground” fruit because older desserts such as rote Grütze originally included cereal grains, and preserved the name despite substituting starch for the cereal grains; more recent dishes (e.g. gelbe Grütze) are named by analogy to the older dishes. For the “shrewdness“ sense a contamination by Early New High German Kritz cannot be excluded, that apart from being an instance noun to complement today’s kritzeln also meant “wit”.

rote Grütze mit Vanillesoße = “red groats” (fruit pudding) with vanilla sauce


  • IPA(key): /ˈɡrʏt͡sə/
  • (file)


Grütze f (genitive Grütze, plural Grützen)

  1. a food of coarsely ground cereal grains: groat(s)
  2. coarse "grains" or bits of fruit, or a dish made from these
    rote Grütze = a fruit pudding containing chunks of red fruits (e.g. redcurrants and raspberries)
  3. (colloquial) brains, shrewdness, prudence
    Ein wenig Grütze unter der Mütze ist gar viel nütze;
    Ein fröhlich Herz unter der Weste, das ist das Beste!
    Some brain behind the veil can have a lot avail
    A merry heart behind the vest is nonetheless the best.
    • 2018 October 22, “Andrea Nahles (SPD) erzählt den Wählern einen vom Pferd”, in Journalistenwatch[1]:
      Selbst die letzten SPD-Genossen mit Restverstand und noch etwas Grütze unter der Mütze bemerken nun den geistigen Leerlauf der durch das tiefe Tal der endlosen Volldoofheit galoppierenden Frontfrau.
      Even the last SPD comrades with rest intellect and some brains under the hats now notice the mental idle state of the front woman who gallops through the deep dale of endless full-retardation.
  4. (colloquial, derogatory) intellectual poverty, brainlet, retardation
    Ihr habt nur kommunistische Grütze in der roten Rübe!
    Y’all have only commie offals in your red conks!
  5. (colloquial) rhubarb rhubarb, humbug, aesthetical tripe
    gequirlte Grützeflapdoodle
    • 2014 March 31, Ercandize x PA Sports (lyrics), “Warum (Remix)”:
      Mich zu battlen macht kein’ Sinn wie angeln in ’ner Pfütze
      Deine Crew sind nur paar Salaks, und dein Album ist nur Grütze
      To battle me makes no sense like to angle in a puddle
      Your crew are but a few gits, and your album is but to befuddle


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