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Gerstengrütze = barley groats


Old High German gruzzi (coarse grains). Application of the term to "ground" fruit is because older desserts such as "rote Grütze" originally included cereal grains, and preserved the name despite substituting starch for the cereal grains; more recent dishes (e.g. "gelbe Grütze") are named by analogy to the older dishes.

rote Grütze mit Vanillesoße = "red groats" (fruit pudding) with vanilla sauce



Grütze f

  1. a food of coarsely ground cereal grains: grout, groat(s)
  2. coarse "grains" or bits of fruit, or a dish made from these
    rote Grütze = a fruit pudding containing chunks of red fruits (e.g. redcurrants and raspberries)

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