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Most are named after Ulysses S. Grant, except Indiana (Samuel and Moses Grant), Kentucky (Colonel John Grant) and Wisconsin (an Indian trader).

Proper noun[edit]

Grant County

  1. one of 75 counties in Arkansas, USA, with its county seat in Sheridan.
  2. one of 92 counties in Indiana, USA, county seat Marion.
  3. one of 105 counties in Kansas, USA, county seat Ulysses.
  4. one of 120 counties in Kentucky, USA, county seat Williamstown.
  5. one of 87 counties in Minnesota, USA, county seat Elbow Lake.
  6. one of 93 counties in Nebraska, USA, county seat Hyannis.
  7. one of 33 counties in New Mexico, USA, county seat Silver City.
  8. one of 53 counties in North Dakota, USA, county seat Carson.
  9. one of 77 counties in Oklahoma, USA, county seat Medford.
  10. one of 36 counties in Oregon, USA, county seat Canyon City.
  11. one of 66 counties in South Dakota, USA, county seat Milbank.
  12. one of 39 counties in Washington, USA, county seat Ephrata.
  13. one of 55 counties in West Virginia, USA, county seat Petersburg.
  14. one of 72 counties in Wisconsin, USA, county seat Lancaster.

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