Groundhog Day

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Etymology 1[edit]


Groundhog Day (plural Groundhog Days)

  1. An annual festival held in Canada and the USA on February 2 in which the arrival time of the spring season is predicted by whether or not a certain groundhog can see its shadow.

Etymology 2[edit]

From the title of the film Groundhog Day.

Proper noun[edit]

Groundhog Day

  1. (informal) A situation in which events appear to be repeating themselves in a cyclical fashion.
    • 2003, Angie Errigo, The Rough Guide to the Lord of the Rings, Rough Guides →ISBN, page 137
      Jackson, working on production this summer, sounded very much as if he were missing the trilogy already: "Each movie has a very different tone, feel and structure so I've never really felt like I've been trapped in a Groundhog Day for seven years working on one project."
    • 2011, Cathy Hopkins, Million Dollar Mates: Paparazzi Princess, Simon and Schuster →ISBN
      She'd spend ages buying and wrapping presents and never got bored with it like Aunt Maddie did. Aunt M said doing Christmas cards year after year made her feel like she was trapped in a groundhog day.
    • 2011, Jeff Ryan, Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, Penguin →ISBN
      Mario, somewhat infamously, is stuck in a Groundhog Day of perpetually having to rescue the princess from Bowser. Even when the plot is new, the story stays old: Mario stops the big bad and saves the girl.