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Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name, the Latinized feminine of Honorius.
    • 1776 Adam Fitz-Adam: The World of Adam Fitz-Adam. Edinburgh, Apollo Press 1776: Numb. 187. Thursday, July 29, 1756:
      She comforted herself however, on the first appearance of her pregnancy, that so odious a surname should be qualified in her children with the genteelest and most elegant Christian names that history or romance could supply. - - - My eldest sister, who came into the world a year after, was called Wilhelmina Charlotta, the second Penthesilea, the third Telethusa, and the fourth Honoria.
    • 1979 Alison Lurie, Only Children, Random House, ISBN 0394504712, page 12:
      She doesn't like being called after Mother Hubbard, who is an old woman in a baby bonnet, even more than she doesn't like to be called Honoria. "That name practically ruined mah entire childhood," she said once. "Ah wanted to make darn sure Ah gave mah little girl a name nobody in creation could make fun of."