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ASL signs by approximate starting dominant handshape
Zero Fingers in a Row I and S Group (I, Y (shaka); A, Open A, S)
One Finger in a Row D and T Group (1, D, Corna (1 and I), L, ILY (L and Y); T, G, Small C, Small O, Small flat O, X, Open X)
Two Fingers in a Row V and N Group (3, Bent 3, H, K, R, U, V, 2; Bent V, Open double X, Double X, N, Open N, Bent open H)
Three Fingers in a Row W and M Group (6, W; M)
Four Fingers, one bent or touching thumb F and O Group (9, F, Flat F, Open F, 8, Open 8, 7; O, Flat O, E)
Five Fingers in a Row 5 and C Group (4, 5, B, Flat B, Open B; Claw 5, Bent B, C, Flat C)

This index lists ASL signs that begin with the dominant hand making the index, middle, and ring fingers extended away from the palm and possibly one finger bent (W, 6, open W, M, open M) . See Appendix:Sign language entry names for details.

Handshape Movement Height Root Shape Image Entry


W-M In-Out 6 6@NearPalm-PalmDown-OpenB@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp CirclesMidlineContact
  1. (Proper noun) Wiktionary
W-M Left-Right M M@Side-PalmBack CirclesHoriz
  1. (Adverb) Monday