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This index lists ASL signs that begin with the dominant hand making the “Y” handshape.

Camera icon.svg This index needs a photograph to illustrate its production. If you are familiar with American Sign Language (ASL), please upload one!
Particularly: “It would be nice to see the Y shape in a few orientations and locations (e.g. NOW, YESTERDAY, WADDLE).”

“Y” at or near the other hand[edit]

“Y” at the chin[edit]

“Y” in or beside the space in front of the torso[edit]

See also[edit]

Similar shapes:

  • ILY” — with the index finger extended
  • I” — with the thumb tucked
  • Open A” — little finger closed
  • Corna” — with the index finger extended and the thumb closed
  • Special:PrefixIndex/Y@