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This is the Dhivehi index. It is a list that should contain all Dhivehi terms correctly sorted. More topics and pages about this language may be found at Category:Dhivehi language. A complete list of language indices can be found at Index:All languages.

ހ ށ ނ ރ ބ ޅ ކ އ ވ މ ފ ދ ތ ލ ގ ޏ ސ ޑ ޒ ޓ ޔ ޕ ޖ ޗ ޘ ޙ ޚ ޛ ޜ ޝ ޞ ޟ ޠ ޡ ޢ ޣ ޤ ޥ ޱ