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Old discussion[edit]

How should this index be ordered? As of now I'm putting in the translations I've wrote myself and others that I find while browsing around. One question is how to sort v/w since they usually are sorted under the same letter. The best, I think, would be to in the index change it to u v/w x instead of u v w x. Any ideas and/or suggestions? ces (February 2004)

What is really the purpose of a index like this? To list all swedish words? That ought to be possible to do mechanically in some way or another. Or is it all those swedish words given as a translation of an English one? \Mike 21:53, 2 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Curating the index[edit]

Starting in February 2011, this index is updated by Conrad.Bot, based on XML database dumps. The old, manually edited index has been copied to User:LA2/old index. In the new index, red links will appear based on Swedish translations found in English entries. If long phrases or inflected forms appear, it is often better to fix the translations by clicking the asterisk after the red link.

When an English word corresponds to a Swedish compound prefix (e.g. in fickkniv, pocket = fick-, a compound with ficka), we don't want prefix entries to be created, but instead link to the base form of the word. In these cases, it is possible to write e.g. Swedish: {{t+|sv|ficka|alt=fick-|c}} --LA2 23:06, 26 February 2011 (UTC)